Crochet Tops Tips

Crochet tops have become increasingly popular nowadays because of how trendy and comfortable they are. These tops are comfortable, lightweight, and totally stylish which explains why nearly every brand out there is currently retailing them. What makes this specific styled shirt so fashionable is the fact that it is the perfect Summer shirt. It provides a breeze in the body without showing much skin, and so it is the perfect sexy yet modest thing to wear for girls who want to show just a decent amount of their figure. There are two ways to get a crochet top, either through making one from your old clothes or by buying one at a store. Both ways work perfectly well, but it is just important that you know how to get the best from each method. If you are a budding fashion designer; why not design your own!

Tips On Buying Crochet Tutu Tops

When buying crochet tops, is important that you look for quality. It is one of the most important things you have to look for when getting this type of top because you can get a very fragile one if you buy the wrong top. To find out if it has quality, simply look at the fabric used to make the top.

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The best type of fabric that they should be made out from are silk, cotton, and of course yarn. The tops that are combined with different fabric always last the longest. Although reading its fabric label is important, it is also crucial that you feel the material as well. Check if it has a strong texture and see if the gaps in it aren’t too big. If you’re buying the shirt online, just be sure to read online reviews so that you can find out what people thought about the top before buying it yourself.

How To Crochet Tube Tops

First, chain 104 stitches of a medium weight yarn using a basic size-K crochet hook. After that join the last stitch with the first stitch and chain three. To do this, begin wrapping the yarn from back-to-front around this crochet hook. Then carefully pull the hook to catch the strand with the wrapped yarn to put it back through this last stitch on to your hook, to create one chain. Continue doing this step 2 times and double crochet it in every stitch around. Lastly, join the last stitch with your very first stitch.

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Chain three again and double crochet every stitch around to join them. Continue repeating this step right until your piece measures at 8 inches. Then switch it to a size-I hook to work in a crochet stitching for a total of 6 inches. Single crochet the following 16 stitches and chain twice, but make sure to skip the following two stitches. Single crochet the next 26 stitches to chain twice, then skip the following two stitches.

Make a chain that’s at least 29 inches long with a larger crochet hook. Then single crochet every other chain stitch to fasten it off to create one strap. Continue repeating this step until you reach the second strap. At this point, use a yarn needle so that you can attach the straps on to your top. You can make whatever crochet tops patterns you desire, but just make sure you don’t overuse different colors too much so that it doesn’t look too over the top on you.

Tips On Wearing Crochet Tops

The best way to wear a crochet top is by simply wearing a tank top under or a sports bra. The great thing about these tops is the fact that they look so simple yet so trendy all at the same time allowing you to not look like you’re trying too hard. A couple items that will match well with this top are leggings, jean shorts, or waist shorts, where all of these will complement the top very well. Also consider matching some body accessories, bangles, and a bead necklace as well as some cute sandals.

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When you know how to wear crochet tops, you will not only feel and look confident, but you will also be able to stay comfortable at all times. Furthermore, you will notice how versatile this top is where you will be able to wear it in all sorts of occasions and events.